CONSCIOUS by M was founded by Melody, a young fashion enthusiast from Santa Ana, California. 
 Upcycled fashion, fashion made of reused clothing, at first was a hobby, but soon turned into a passion. Melody started designing and creating eco-conscious clothing for her and her friends, but she eventually desired to make greater impact. Melody actively tries to fight the harms of fast fashion, one of the most destructive industries on our planet. With a fully loaded secondhand wardrobe, Melody decided to turn her love for reusing and finding preloved gems into a lifestyle. 
Sustainability is a growing effort at CONSCIOUS by M. The eco-conscious efforts made by CONSCIOUS by M are only a small measure compared to what really needs to happen for our planet to see change. However, our goal is to educate and encourage lifestyle changes that can influence a collective endeavour.
Our Philosophy
We believe in conscious consumption. We value the longevity of our fibers and believe everything that can be saved should be reused and passed onto another to enjoy. At CONSCIOUS by M, we believe in creating fashion that can make our customers feel good knowing they are doing good for our earth.
Please visit our donate & educate page to learn about charities and causes we believe in. 
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