All products are made with an effort to reduce our footprint on the earth.

All clothing is made of 100% secondhand or deadstock fabric. Secondhand fabric is sourced from local businesses and donations to give the fabric a new life rather than producing more waste. Deadstock fabric is old material that could not be used due to damages or excess material given up by factories. 

All clothing is prewashed and ready to wear. The fabrics are made up of mixed materials (sometimes synthetic). Therefore, garments should only be washed when necessary to minimize the release of microplastics into our environments. 

The fabric is cut to reduce waste. When possible, excess scraps are saved to be used again for packaging, crafts, and other garments.

Manufactured items such as tags and labels are bought in bulk when possible to minimize energy used in transportation.


All clothing is handmade by Melody. 


All shipping mailers are made of post consumer product and are recyclable

Packaging is without excess plastics. Instead all products are shipped with fabric scraps and/or recycled + recyclable paper.

Sometimes old mailers and boxes may be reused to reduce waste.


sustainable packaging