Peace Lily

presenting: peace lily

the beginning of quarantine was a bit of a strange time for me. I had to finish the semester in my living room (zoom dance class and all). I quickly became obsessed with house plants, and I also felt an overwhelming pressure saying I had to use my time learning and elevating myself. So I gathered up thoughts about my relationship to fashion and the two words that came to mind were 'sustainability' and 'growth'.  
I decided to work on my portfolio, hence the creation of peace lily. It was through this project that I was able to solidify my desire to promote and create sustainable fashion as much as I possibly can. For me, this means reusing what I can instead of sourcing new material. There is so much life in the fibers of our garments that are wasted when they are left in landfills to rot. I wanted to teach myself how to make corsets and dresses, but I had to make sure I kept my promise to be a conscious consumer throughout the whole process. 

The dress and corset are made up of entirely second hand sourced materials.